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15 February 2019

Govt Needs To Invest In Superfast Broadband To Close Digital Divide In UK

The digital gap between locations in the UK is only going to worsen if the government does not invest appropriately in new technologies, including superfast broadband.

This is the opinion of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) in its Ready, Set, Connect report, released earlier this week and revealed in The Manufacturer.

CBI chief UK policy director Matthew Fell called the government to invest in the country’s economy and improve broadband networks within Britain.

“There’s already a digital divide in rural areas across the UK. Our ability to enjoy world-class digital connectivity shouldn’t be determined by where we live or work. It’s not just a social case for national coverage, but a clear economic one,” Mr Fell stated.

He noted: “There’s a real risk that 2019 will be a year in which we overlook the rest of our economy.”

CBI recommended the government equip new train lines and transport projects with full fibre cables; raise awareness of the benefits of 5G to get businesses ready to use it; fast-track laws to enable firms to install internet connections in homes for private tenants; and fit full fibre or gigabit cables in newly built properties.

Mr Fell stated businesses need to stay on track to compete with other countries by adopting the “fantastic technology” that the UK is developing.

There are plenty of advantages of using 5G, with the most obvious being much faster broadband speeds. Having 5G connectivity will enable users to download a high-definition film in fewer than ten seconds.

While 5G might not be available in your area yet, you can always get in touch with us for other TV aerial services in Brighton.




1st February 2019

What Is 5G And How Will You Benefit From It?

There’s no denying that we live in the digital age and it seems that not a day goes by where there isn’t some sort of technological innovation or other that comes to the fore, demanding that we jump all over it.

Some of these, no doubt, you’ll ignore – but others are certainly worth taking the time to explore further and 5G (or fifth generation mobile networks) connectivity is definitely one of these.

It’s likely that 5G will be rolled out in some countries around the world this year, all being well, although we may well not see it here in the UK until the latter part of 2019, or even early 2020… which gives you plenty of time to do some research and find out what it’s all about.

The main benefit of 5G is that broadband speeds will be an awful lot faster than they are right now – so you could soon be able to download a full high definition film in under ten seconds once connected to a 5G network.

You’ll also be able to take advantage of reduced latency, so you won’t be able to see any delay when using your phone or other devices… great if you’re into online gaming! And there will also be greater capacity thanks to 5G, so networks will be able to cope with lots of high-demand applications, from simultaneous video streaming in HD to virtual reality experiences.

We’re certainly looking forward to finding out more about 5G and will keep you posted about all the latest developments. In the meantime, if you’d like to find out more about TV aerial services in Brighton, get in touch with us today.

15th January 2019

NI Could See Broadband Speeds Improved In 2019

This could be the year that internet speeds in Northern Ireland (NI) pick up, after the Department for the Economy has confirmed it will carry out an investigation into broadband accessibility across the country.

According to a BBC report, the consultation will determine where the slowest broadband speeds are in NI, as it is believed that around 40,000 premises still do not have adequate access.

Ofcom’s James Stinson believes rural areas in NI are particularly affected, and they need to benefit from connections to the internet that a typical user would expect, the news provider revealed.

The consultation will cost £150 million, which will come from the confidence and supply deal made at Westminster between the Democratic Unionist Party and the Conservatives.

The problem of slow broadband is not confined to NI, and many areas of the UK suffer from sluggish speeds as well.

Last month, Ofcom’s Connected Nations’ report revealed two per cent of homes and offices throughout Britain do not have access to speeds of 10Mbps. This means 677,000 properties are unable to use modern technology, such as downloading films, streaming music, watching Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, or looking at videos on YouTube.

While there has been a reduction in the number of premises with poor internet connection over the years, dropping from 1.1 million in 2017 and from 1.4 million in 2016, some rural areas are still left without good online speeds, The Guardian reported.

Broadband Genie’s editor Matt Powell stated: “The final two per cent represents some of the areas which are hardest to reach with conventional broadband services. The most remote rural homes and businesses may need instead to look at wire-free alternatives such as satellite or 4G.”

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31st December 2018

Would You Consider Private Security To Keep Your Home Safe?

We’re lucky these days in that there is an awful lot of technology now available to keep our homes and our families safe, from smart house alarms to CCTV installation for your Brighton property… but would you ever consider teaming up with your neighbours to hire a private security firm?

This is what residents living near the Princess Alice Retail Park in Sutton Coldfield in Birmingham have just done, according to the Birmingham Mail, paying private security guards £126 a week to assist in policing the area.

Local John Edkins explained that during November and December, a rise in attempted car thefts and break-ins were noticed, so they decided to take action – and it’s apparently proving to be “very successful”, he went on to say.

The scheme began on December 17th, with regular patrols provided by Innovative Security Solutions to help people feel safer at home.

“It's added to the community spirit, everyone's looking out for each other. It's great. It's instant communication if we see anything suspicious, from people milling around homes to cars being parked up,” Mr Edkins said.

If you’re concerned about rising crime in your area, this could be a good move if your neighbours are amenable. But to tide you over, why not look into CCTV and how it could benefit you – and it may well be cheaper than you think.

These systems can be installed, set up and demonstrated so you can quickly see how they work, leaving you safe in the knowledge that should anything happy in or around your property, you’ll have caught it on camera, which serves as a deterrent and can aid the police in their investigations if something does take place.

20th December 2018

Top Picks For Christmas Day TV

If your TV has been on the blink and getting it fixed in time for the festive period has been on your to-do list, make sure you get in touch with experts in TV aerial repairs in Brighton soon, otherwise you could miss out on some of the top TV moments of Christmas Day.

The Radio Times recently shared its highlights for 25 December, with shows from a range of channels likely to catch your eye.

One Christmas Day staple that won’t be appearing on our screens this year though is Doctor Who, with the much-anticipated Christmas Day special instead being moved to New Year’s Day.

Don’t worry though, there’s still a lot worth switching on for. Children, for instance, might be persuaded to sit quietly to watch the TV adaptation of Zog, a Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler tale. It will be on BBC1 at 4.50pm.

For some comedy and baking, meanwhile, the Great British Bake Off Christmas Special will be airing on Channel 4 at 8pm on Christmas Day. It’s the perfect way to wind down after indulging in your festive feast.

If you prefer a bit of drama, you could tune into the Torvill & Dean biopic, which is on ITV at 9.15pm. It follows the iconic British ice skating duo from their teenage years and first meeting through to their gold-medal winning performance at the 1984 Olympic Games.

Call the Midwife, Michael McIntyre’s Big Christmas Show, and the Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special were among the other top programmes to look out for, according to the TV guide.

And of course this is just what’s on offer on terrestrial channels - there will be plenty more to keep you entertained if you’ve got other services.



10 December 2018

8K TV Station Ready For Launch

With many people yet to adopt - or have the ability to watch - HD TV, the arrival of an 8K TV channel may seem a little premature.

However, Japanese broadcaster NHK is all set to launch its 8K station at the start of December. The BBC explained that the images broadcast in 8K are 16 times the resolution of those available in HD.

To launch the new channel, the broadcaster plans to screen Stanley Kubrick’s movie 2001: A Space Odyssey.

The company revealed that it’s been developing its 8K technology since 1995, and hopes to be ready to broadcast the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo in the format.

Although Samsung and LG have developed TV sets capable of screening in 8K, the technology is so new that these are prohibitively expensive for the majority of households.

For many, it would make more sense to buy an HD TV if you don’t already have one, especially given the number of channels now broadcasting in this format.

If you need TV aerial installation in Brighton, make sure you arrange it sooner rather than later to ensure you can enjoy all the big Christmas movies and shows that will be broadcast in the coming weeks.

Although technology is developing apace, there are some who are clinging onto more basic TV sets. Research from TV Licensing recently revealed that there are still thousands of homes in the UK that have black and white TVs.

In most cases, however, it’s collectors and historians who continue to own and use such TV sets.




20 november 2018

Black And White TV Still A Reality For Thousands

With the introduction of smart TVs, streaming services and all the other technology at our disposal, you could be forgiven for thinking that black and white television sets had been consigned to the history books.

But the latest figures from UK organisation TV Licensing reveals that there are thousands of people in the UK who are still choosing to watch programmes without colour.

In fact, over 7,000 people still choose to watch black and white TV, rather than a colour set. However, TV Licensing spokesman Jason Hill pointed out that over half of the UK’s television sets now connect to the internet, which means far more people are embracing new technology than avoiding it.

He pointed out that everyone, regardless of the kind of TV they have, needs to be covered by a TV license if they’re watching live television.

It’s been 51 years since the UK started showing programmes in colour on television, and many may wonder why people are sticking to black and white. Television and radio historian Jeffrey Borinsky explained it’s mainly collectors who still own and use these kinds of TVs.

Despite the 7,000 or so who still have black and white TVs, the majority are embracing technology, and particularly streaming services. Data release recently showed that Netflix has seen its viewer numbers increase by 45 per cent year-on-year in the past 12 months.

If you need help with TV aerial services in Brighton, contact us today to ensure you’re getting the best quality picture regardless of the kind of TV you’re watching on.




12 November 2018

3 Christmas TV Shows To Put In The Diary

The countdown to Christmas is seriously on and if you love nothing more than watching a few festive shows surrounded by friends and family at this time of year, no doubt you’re eagerly anticipating the start of the silly season! Here are just a few of the TV shows popping up on a screen near you this year.

Click & Collect

If you’re a Stephen Merchant fan, this is the programme for you… he’s teamed up with Asim Chaudhry for a new BBC1 Christmas comedy, with the 60-minute film telling the tale of two neighbours who drive right across the country to find the toy that will make one little girl’s Christmas complete.

Watership Down

The original adaptation of Richard Adams’ novel Watership Down was really rather terrifying (no matter how old you were when you first watched it!) so it’ll be interesting to see just what this new BBC version will be like. The all-star cast includes Peter Capaldi, Rosamund Pike, Mackenzie Crook and Rory Kinnear, so it’s off to a good start.

The Doctor Who Christmas Special

Always one of the highlights of the festive line-up, this Christmas Special will hopefully see Jodie Whittaker (the 13th Time Lord) keeping us all entertained. The Beeb hasn’t yet confirmed that a Doctor Who special will actually be taking place but since it happens every year, it’s a pretty safe bet.

No plot details have as yet been revealed but keep a space in the diary on Christmas Day, as it’s likely this is when the show will be aired.

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1st November 2018

Are You Doing Enough To Secure Your Home?

With the clocks set to go back at the weekend and the nights drawing in, now is the ideal time to take a look at your home security and see if there’s more you could be doing to keep your property and possessions safe.

Speaking to the Express recently, Rav Wilding, former detective, offered homeowners some advice on how best to secure their property.

He stressed that burglars will always pick an easy target, and urged people to ensure that they’re doing everything they can to deter would-be thieves from breaking into their homes.

Among the top things to install are burglar alarms and motion-sensitive lighting around the exterior of your home.

Mr Wilding explained that burglars hate anything that can draw attention to them, and are therefore more likely to avoid properties that have these features installed. He also recommends using smart lighting systems to allow you to turn lights on at your property when you’re away, giving the illusion that someone is in the house.

You may even want to go one step further and arrange for CCTV installation in Brighton to give you additional peace of mind.

If you are planning any trips away, arrange for someone to come and collect your post regularly, as a letterbox stuffed with junk mail is a sure-fire sign that you’ve not been home for a while.

Earlier this month, the government launched a voluntary code of practice for manufacturers that produce internet-connected devices. This covers everything from smart watches to smart home security systems and is designed to encourage them to improve the cyber security of these products.


19th October 2018

Should You Upgrade Your Router?

When many of us organise our broadband connection we don’t think much about the router we’re using. In most instances, you just plug in the one you’re sent by your internet service provider (ISP) and away you go.

But research from Which? has suggested that some of us should ask our ISP for an upgrade, because older routers can have security flaws and make your connection slower.

The consumer rights organisation believes that five per cent of the UK’s population, which equates to over one million homes, could be missing out on improved security, new features and more reliable connections as a result of using a router that’s out of date.

What’s more, Which? revealed that 80 per cent of customers had received an updated router from their ISP for free.

The organisation looked at two routers from two of the country’s major ISPs that were five and seven years old, and discovered that in both cases there were security holes that would allow the router to ‘talk’ to the devices connected to it. That can be anything from laptops and smartphones to printers and smart home assistants.

Although the risk is low, because a hacker would need physical access to your router to exploit these weaknesses, that doesn’t mean people should be complacent.

There’s also the added benefit of improved speed and reliability for your broadband connection if you have a newer router.

Total Tele reported that rural broadband provider Whitespace recently found that not having fast enough internet access would lead to 71 per cent of buyers changing their mind about a property, so it’s clearly an area that’s worth exploring.

If you’re having new satellite installation in Brighton make sure your connection will support all of your devices.


1st October 2018

Netflix Growing In Popularity

It’s no secret that our TV viewing habits have changed in recent years. Fewer and fewer of us are watching live TV, with more people turning to on-demand subscription services like Netflix.

Data collected as part of the TouchPoints survey carried out each year by the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) has revealed that the number of people viewing Netflix has increased by 45 per cent year on year.

Almost one-third (29 per cent) of UK adults are now watching Netflix each week, which has climbed from 20 per cent in 2017. What’s more, when broken down into age demographics, this substantially increases to 54 per cent among those aged 15 to 34.

But it isn’t only Netflix that has seen its viewer numbers increase. Amazon Prime has also seen its reach increase to 11.7 per cent of all UK adults, up from eight per cent in 2017.

The jump in viewing figures for Netflix means it’s now the sixth most-watched TV channel in the UK, with only BBC One, ITV/STV, Channel 4, BBC Two and Channel 5 ahead of it.

It also appears that, regardless of what channel we’re watching, we’re spending more time watching TV this year than last. On average, UK adults watch four hours and 41 minutes of TV or video per day, up by two per cent on 2017.

The popularity of streaming services - and the quality of the content they offer - has been recognised at this year’s Emmy Awards. Netflix won 23 Emmys this year, while Amazon Prime became the first ever streaming service to win the Best Comedy gong.

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19th September 2018

Report Reveals Plans For Superfast Broadband In Shropshire Set To Fail

Plans to provide Shropshire residents with superfast broadband over the next two years will not be achieved, a recent report has claimed.

Shropshire Council intended to allow residents to access fast internet speeds of 30Mbps+ in line with 90 per cent of the country by 2020. However, a new report, which will be shown at a local authority meeting next week, has revealed these targets will not be met by 2020.

The Shropshire Star published segments of the report, including: “It has always been a recognised risk to the programme, where infrastructure providers change their original commercial commitments.” It was added the council will lobby the providers to persuade them to reconsider their decisions.

The importance of superfast broadband speeds was highlighted in the document, saying it would help “support the long-term evolution of 5G technologies”.

Therefore, it committed the local authority to work closely with the government, as well as partners, to ensure that the majority of Shropshire residents have access to adequate internet speeds in the future.

The government has its own broadband targets, aiming to increase the number of people in the UK with access to superfast speeds to 98 per cent of the country by 2021.

Being able to benefit from faster broadband connections will have a positive impact on local businesses. Earlier this month, a report entitled the Evaluation of the Economic Impact and Public Value of the Superfast Broadband Programme revealed companies who had access to faster online speeds experienced a £9 billion growth in turnover.

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14 September 2018

Brighton Boasts One Of The Highest Broadband Rates!

If you’ve yet to have TV aerial services installed in your Brighton home, you might be inspired to get moving on this sooner rather than later after learning that the region has one of the highest rates of superfast broadband coverage to be found in the UK.

Think Broadband figures show that more than 99 per cent of homes and businesses now enjoy access to this, well above the government target of 95 per cent, the Brighton and Hove Independent reports.

User-generated speed tests show that the median download speed across Brighton and Hove is 26Mbps, with households boasting the fastest connections seeing download speeds of a minimum of 66Mbps. However, households that have the worst broadband have to live with download speeds of up to 8Mbps, which is below the minimum speed set for a good connection.

Ofcom, industry regulator, says superfast broadband should have download speeds of over 30Mbps, while decent broadband is defined as 10Mbps. In order to download films, stream high-def videos, play games online, use Skype or operate numerous Netflix accounts, you need to have superfast broadband.

Think Broadband editor Andrew Ferguson was quoted by the news source as saying: “The last few years have seen dramatic changes in the availability of superfast broadband across the UK, but for those still to see any improvements it won’t feel like that at all.”

Recent government research shows that superfast broadband has led to £9 billion growth in turnover for companies that do have these faster connections, so it certainly seems as though it’s worth looking into if you do run a business.


01 September 2018

Superfast Broadband Leads To £9 Billion Boost For Businesses

Businesses that have benefited from the rollout of superfast broadband in the UK have experienced a significant increase in their profits.

The government’s independent research of how the superior internet service affected companies between 2012 and 2016 was released in a report called The Evaluation of the Economic Impact and Public Value of the Superfast Broadband Programme.

It showed there has been a £9 billion growth in turnover for firms who have access to faster connections. This has resulted in a £690 million net increase in Gross Value Added to the UK economy.

The report also found it has helped lower the number of people claiming jobseekers allowance by 9,000, as well as reducing long-term claimant figures by 2,500. This is due to the creation of 49,000 local jobs as a result of an expanded telecommunications industry.

Margot James, minister for digital, said the broadband rollout has been “one of our greatest successes”.

“We are reaching thousands more homes and businesses every week, that can now reap the clear and tangible benefits that superfast broadband provides,” she went on to say.

For every £1 the government invested in the system, businesses have benefit from a return of £12.28, showing just how much value for money the investment was.

This is mainly due to the fact that it enabled five million homes and businesses to have access to superfast broadband, taking the national coverage to 95.39 per cent.

Over the next few years, this is set to increase to 98 per cent as over a million more households and companies are expected to profit from faster internet speeds.

Superfast broadband has a huge number of advantages for businesses, including quicker download times; the ability to support multiple devices on the internet at the same time; and enabling multiple online applications to work concurrently.

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01 August 2018

Could LiFi Replace WiFi In The Future?

Mobile operator O2 is conducting a trial with technology company PureLiFi to determine whether light-driven wireless connectivity can potentially rival WiFi in the future.

LiFi works by using LED lights to deliver large quantities of data through adjustments in the bulb's brightness.
The light, therefore, is able to produce high-speed wireless data communication, as opposed to radio frequencies that WiFi operates with.

Chief operations officer for O2 Derek McManu said: "We're committed to building the best network possible for our customers, and a huge part of that is making sure we're ahead of the pack in testing the latest technology."

He went on to say the trial, which is taking place at its Slough headquarters, shows high-speed connectivity can be achieved in other ways.

This will help the company provide a better service to customers ahead of its 5G launch in Britain.

Alistair Banham, chief executive officer of Edinburgh University organisation PureLiFi, added that this new technology is responding to the increasing demand from mobile users.

Indeed, it is thought there will be 20 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices by 2020, so utilising light energy for communication as well as illumination could be a breakthrough for the growing number of online phones, tablets and computers in use.

He went on to say: “LiFi is capable of unlocking unprecedented and much-needed data and bandwidth.”

This form of technology is already available to use, as pureLiFi has released the LiFi-SX starter kit for academics. This provides full duplex wire links of up to 43 Mbps. The company launched the devices to encourage academics to get involved in the movement and support future development of LiFi technology.

As you cannot get LiFi for your internet connection just yet, do not forget to install WiFi broadband in your home. Take a look at our services, which also include TV aerial repairs in Brighton and satellite fitting.